Bootstrap Engine

Engine Features


The engine is a complete graphics solution that provides a high-level object-oriented interface designed to minimize the effort required to render highly detailed 3D scenes. By abstracting low-level rendering details and allowing you to work with high-level graphics concepts such as models and lights, you can concentrate on your project’s features, while saving your programming team and your art team time and money.

Rendering Features

64-bit color high dynamic range renderer. The renderer provides for incredible color precision while supporting a wide array of automated post processing effects, such as dynamic tone mapping, and light bloom.

Support for entirely unique texture data all over your scenes.  Our innovative texturing engine allows for massive amounts of texture data to be viewed in realtime (up to 35 terabytes per rendered frame).  Our unique editor provides painting tools that allow artists and designers to directly touch up texture data.

Support for all modern shader based rendering techniques such as normal mapping, parallax mapping, parallax occlusion mapping, custom lighting models including anisotropic effects, and custom shadow mapping techniques.

Dynamic shadow mapping support for all light types (directional, projected texture, and point light sources), including soft shadows.

High-resolution gamma correct screenshot support.

Powerful scripted material system allows artists and designers to build complex shading effects, including materials with multiple lighting models and custom shaders.

Advanced per object post processing effect support such as blurring and approximated refractions.

Advanced global post processing effect support such as depth of field.

Order independent alpha support can be achieved using the material system.

Full support for Collada 1.4, allowing complete scene information to be exported from Maya or 3D Studio Max.

A highly optimized PVS system ensures fast occlusion culling for static scenes with high complexity.

Animation Features

Skeletal animation system allows for 4 bone influences per vertex and complex skeletons.

Full hierarchical blending support. Animations can be blended dynamically in a hierarchical manner allowing for nested animation blends.

Custom “animations” can be created by the application to perform tasks such as inverse kinematics and ragdoll physics.


Full support on Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, and Microsoft Windows Vista via OpenGL.

Apple OS X and Linux support coming soon!

Future updates will contain support for OpenGL 2.1 and support for GLSL version 1.2, as well as Microsoft DirectX 10 level features via OpenGL extensions on all supported platforms.

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